Environmental Laboratory Services

The preservation of environmental resources is a vital aspect of our core values. Analabs, Inc is dedicated to maintaining standards for purity of our natural resources including water analyses, field services, permit management services, sludge and soil analyses. Analabs, Inc serves all of your drinking and wastewater analytical needs with timely notification of non-compliance, superior customer service, and competitive prices.

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Cutting Edge

Analabs strives in acquiring and using only the most modern and cutting edge equipment available to provide the most accurate water quality data possible.

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From sampling and lab analysis to regulatory reporting, Analabs provides the whole package.

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An Efficient

We devise an optimum sampling protocol for clients and keep routine periodic monitoring needs up to date. Our team is experienced in complex sampling.

Our Expertise

Metals Analysis

Using ICP-MS and ICP-OES, we analyze 22 different metals in water, soils and many other matrices at very low detection levels.

Flow Injection & Ion Chromatography

Fully automated instrumentation allows for high through put of tests including Ammonia, Cyanide, Phenol, Chloride, Sulfates, Nitrates/Nitrites and more.

Low-Level Mercury Analysis

Utilizing a cleanroom, Mercury is analyzed at ultra-low levels to meet regulatory limits.

Bacteriological Testing

Testing available for both drinking water and wastewater including Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform and Heterotrophic Plate Count(HPC).

Drinking Water Analysis

WV certified for multiple Drinking Water tests including Inorganics, Bacteria, Nitrates, Fluoride and Lead & Copper. Additional regulated tests such as VOCs and SOCs are available through our subcontract program.

NPDES Analysis

Assistance with NPDES compliance is available through DMR uploading and full sampling services. Our clients include coal companies, sewage plants, and industrial facilities.

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Natural and Mine Gas Analysis

Get fast turnaround for both Greenhouse Gases and Natural Gas Quality.

Groundwater Sampling

Groundwater sampling of various well types using bailers or low-purge sampling techniques.


WV DEP, WV Drinking Water, and VA NELAP

Requests and
Submission Forms

To aid you in submitting your samples, we have developed these chain of custody forms.  Simply fill in the appropriate fields, print the form (PDF), and submit with your samples. If you need to request Bottles or Sampling kits, please complete our BOTTLE REQUEST FORM.

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Your Trusted Partner

Your Trusted Partner

You need a reliable and consistent lab partner you can trust. Analabs is that partner.

You need a reliable and consistent lab partner you can trust. Analabs is that partner.