Cannabis Testing

As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of laboratory testing and analysis, Analabs is now a cannabis testing provider in the state of West Virginia. Move your cannabis-related company or products forward confidently with informative results from Analabs. We can help ensure your goods are produced in compliance with quality, effectiveness, consistency and safety standards.

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Analabs is one of the first laboratories in West Virginia to provide cannabis testing. Our deep understanding of regulatory environments has prepared Analabs to lead in cannabis testing.

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Our strict quality control standards, commitment to timely processing, and client account portal keep you informed and provide peace of mind that your company’s data is safe and accurate.

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The Highest

As a full services company, we are constantly updating our technology and equipment. And, all our key laboratory staff hold college degrees in a Science Field, helping us maintain only the highest standards in the lab.

Tests that we perform:


Know your product potency quickly with our Fast Turnaround of 16 different Cannabinoids.

Flower and Processed Product Testing

Microbiological purity • Heavy metals •
Pesticides screening • Aflatoxins • Terpene profiling • Residual solvents • Physical identity • Foreign materials screening
Moisture content • Water Activity

Facility Testing

Protect your crop by swabbing surfaces and vents for microbiological contamination such as Aspergillus, Listeria and mildew.

Soil Nutrient Testing

Know the nutrient level of your soil by testing for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Source Water Testing

Test your source water for contaminants that can be harmful to your crop such as Hardness, Bacteria and Chlorine.


Composite sampling plans are developed site-specific for each client.

Experience Matters

While cannabis testing and analysis within West Virginia may be new, Analabs has a long history of providing accurate and dependable data to clients and government organizations in a variety of testing capacities. Our team of professional chemists, biologists, and project managers has a wealth of experience navigating regulatory environments.

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Your Trusted Partner

Your Trusted Partner

You need a reliable and consistent lab partner you can trust. Analabs is that partner.

You need a reliable and consistent lab partner you can trust. Analabs is that partner.